About Us

Shandonq BoxXing Kaili Fine Chemical Co.,Ltd. was established in 2005, the company islocated in Boxing County, Shandong Province Economic and Technoloqical Development Zone, located in theYellow River Economic Belt and the Bohai Economic Zone Of the joint, traffic is very convenient, well-developed logistics picking.
The company is committed carbapenem antibiotic raw materiaIS and intermediates, development and production, the company has built a fully equipped pilot and pharmaceuticalintermediates production base, has 5,000 square meters of production workshop, has from 50L to 5000L of various types ofreactor more than 80 and the corresponding supporting utilities, and witha liquid chromatograph, gas chromatograph analyzer, moisture analyzer, melting point tester andother advanced analytical instruments, has achieved biapenem intermediates, meropenem
intermediates and other products of industrial production.
Culture is power, philosophy determines the direction. Kelly, who always follow the"innovationis the quality first, customer respect, integrity of others, solidarity and cooperation, limitedcommunication", business philosophy, in the fierce market competition, "Quality is the root, good faith', principle, the meet customer demand as our overriding goal.


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